Of Hakka Series and Hakka Village

My! There is a Hakka series in local TV. I wouldn't believe it when Thuan Hee told me about it but I did manage to catch an episode of Hakka Woman Chef when I was in Sungai Petani. It is not that there are no Hakkas in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world. Just that Hakka series unlike Mandarin or Cantonese series, have never been in the mainstream. That was despite the fact that there are many Hakkas everywhere in Malaysia. In Penang, just recently, the Federation of Malaysian Hakka Association expressed their hope to build a Hakka village in Balik Pulau. It was said that a large population of Hakka people moved over to Balik Pulau prior to and after the Taiping Rebellion, about 50 years after Penang island was developed for business.The Hakkas chose to live in the hilly Balik Pulau as the original Hakkas from China historically lived in desolated hilly places and relied on agriculture.

Now, for some traditional Hakka music...


Liudmila said…
Interesting is how the persons want to be different and maintain these differences. I was always surprized here in zone I live that the locals feel differeces between different villages.
footiam said…
People like to be different and maintain their individuality, I think. Even when they have a God, they say theirs is the only one, different from others.

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