Birthday Eggs

The Torre Galatea Figueres in Spain...

This is one strange building- the Torre Galatea Figueres! The building which is supposed to be in Spain reminds me of the eggs which the Chinese always give out to relatives and friends one month after the birth of a baby. No prizes for guessing why I was reminded thus. Eggs to the Chinese means fertility and to celebrate birthdays, they are traditionally dyed red as red is a colour of prosperity and happiness. Eggs are popular in world culture, I suppose. You see them being used in Easter and in Malaysia, the Malays give out boiled eggs during weddings. While eggs are beautifully coloured for Easter, the eggs used in Malay weddings are not coloured at all. However, according to an article in the Internet, some are beginning to dye the eggs red now...and why not, they are more attractive and befit a special occasion!

Red Eggs for Birthday Giveaway...


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Liudmila said…
Seems that this food is too delicious for everybody. My dog controlled the henhouse every morning to see how much eggs she could find there...
footiam said…
Your dog is smart!

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