Three Stars

If you happen to visit the home of a traditional Chinese family, you may perhaps see three very special statues standing together in a special place in the living room. These three statues are the deities, Fu Lu Shou (traditional Chinese: 福祿壽; simplified Chinese: 福禄寿; pinyin: Fú Lù Shòu), sometimes referred to as the Three Stars. Separately, they are known as the Fu Xing (Fu Star), Lu Xing (Lu Star) and Shou Xing (Shou Star) and Fu blesses the household with good fortune, Lu blesses the household with prosperity and Shou, with longevity. That should generate great positive energy, don't you think?


Liudmila said…
Buddhism says that everything is only a thing if you don't make it holy with your prays and energy, I think.
Myspace Stuff said…
Buddhism say nothing is static in this world.
footiam said…
The Three Stars are more of Chinese Culture, Lidumila. You don't find them in Buddhism.

Thanks myspacestuff for the comment. Nothing indeed is static.

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