Shattering News!

According to a report in the Internet, Commander Seyfullah of the Turkestan Islamic Party had claimed credit for several attacks: the May 5 Shanghai bus bombing which killed three, an attack on police in Wenzhou on July 17 using an explosive-laden tractor, a bombing of a Guangzhou plastic factory on July 17 and bombings of three buses in Yunnan. The commander had also warned of new attacks in China during the coming Olympics in Beijing, China. Talking about Olympics, the other day I came across some facts on Liu Xiang: , the Chinese 110 metre hurdler, a native of Shanghai and an Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. Liu Xiang is the first Chinese athlete to achieve a triple crown for athletics which include a World Record Holder, World Champion and Olympic Champion. Forget Seyfullah's threat to shatter the world for a moment and watch Liu Xiang shatters the world record...


Liudmila said…
I think, the China will be not less efficient as Israele was once to revenge any terrorists attacs.
footiam said…
People, I suppose can't live peacefully!

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