Special Feature: Sichuan Earthquake: Open Hospital

Sometimes , while we were at the air-conditioned waiting room in the hospital in town,we scream and complain about the crowd and the long queue. We heard too of doctors in government hospitals leaving for greener pastures in private sectors, opening their own clinics or getting lucrative deals in private hospitals. I wonder if we would scream and complain in Sichuan and would money minded doctors lift a finger to help... read on...
Medical workers provided care under extreme conditions; they even delivered many new born babies on the parking lot.


Liudmila said…
It's incredible to read always about new born babies. My husband told me, they found one after 9,I think, days.He repeated and repeated: how it's possible??? they have to eat every 3 hours!!! How could he survive without eating for 9 days???
footiam said…
I heard that a baby survived because it fed on its mother's milk. Don't know if this is the same baby. Otherwise, when a baby is in the dark for nine days and is in such an active stage, maybe, it doesn't need food like some hibernating creature!

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