Special Feature: Sichuan Earthquake - Uncalled for Adventure

All the world over, especially in well to do countries, one would sometimes see some sort of Adventure Team organsing 4-Wheel Drive and motorbike expeditions taking on diverse environments around the globe – from hostile deserts and snow-capped mountains to pristine rainforest and ancient trails of old civilisations all for the sake of fun, entertainment or a test of physical power. The scenario during the Sichuan Earthquake made me wonder how such team would fare when confronted with an earthquake. I suppose people who risk life and limbs for fun would do so too for people in need of help... Just read on...

With roads buried by landslide and bad weather hammering airborne operations, a group of 600 soldiers and medical teams, let by Major General Xia Guofu(夏国富), 57, Commander in Chief of Sichuan Military District, walked 21 hours straight on foot in mountain area, carrying heavy relief supplies, risking landslide and falling rocks. They became the first group to arrive at the epicenter of the earthquake.


Liudmila said…
They say, that in mostly rich countries nobody will do anything if not paid. I don't know if it's right.
To read something like your posts remembers me that there are persons with good soul else.
footiam said…
I do believe there are good people everywhere. Sometimes, you only get to see them when there are tragedies, which is a shame.

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