Special Feature: Sichuan Earthquake: Vast Destruction!

The Sichuan Earthquake was the deadliest and strongest earthquake to hit China since the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and had therefore, unsurprisingly caused great devastion. Strangely, there were signs and predictions of this earthquake.In 2002, a study by Chen Xuezhong predicted in the Chinese seismology journal Recent Developments in World Seismology (国际地震动态) a high probability of a big earthquake in Sichuan Province after 2003. There were other strange indications like the sinking of nearly 80,000 m3 of water of the Guanyin pond of Baiguo township of Enshi City, Hubei province on April 26 and the migration of hundreds of thousands of toads on a roadway in Tanmu village of Southwest town of Mianchu, Sichuan which is less than 100 km from the epicentre on May 10. Surely these are not some plans from a higher being!

And now, for more of the Power Point materials:

Cities close to the epicenter are flattened; whole mountains collapsed.


Millions of people lost their beloved ones, their homes, their belongings. Yet there is no looting, no complaints, just people helping each other (CNN )


Liudmila said…
Maybe we have to be more attentive to the nature around us. And not destroy it too. Just because we are not able to feel and to understand the signs of the earth.
footiam said…
I think so too but man can only do so much. Sometimes, I really hope there is a greater compassionate being that could put a stop to this.

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