Emperor in Disguise

One Saturday afternoon, I happened to watch an old Shaw Brothers movie in TV about the adventures of Emperor Qian Long . I remember having seen posters for the movie in Capitol Theatre in Taiping in the seventies. The movie, I thought was just watchable, nothing to shout about really about such a legendary figure. Historically, Emperor Qianlong (乾隆 ) who was born Hongli, was the fourth son of Yongzheng Emperor and the grandson of Kangxi Emperor, both being famous emperors of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in their own right. Qian Long was the fifth emperor and hiss early years saw the continuity of an era of prosperity in China but his unrelentingly conservative and sinocentric attitude resulted in the Qing Dynasty's decline later in his reign. Stories about Qianlong visiting the Jiangnan area disguised as a commoner had been a popular topic for many generations and I suppose the movie is about one of these escapades. This really reminded me of the late Princess Diana who always ran off to Paris; only thing is she wasn't in disguise!


Liudmila said…
I know that many kings used to do it. I read many stories about it. Maybe their life is really not so beautiful as we imagine.
footiam said…
There is a king in England with seven or eight wives and had one of them beheaded. That couldn't be beautiful, no! And just look at the messy life of Princess Di. The best thing is people seem to look up to her more than Mother Theresa!
Liudmila said…
It's true. I was always surprized about it. If she was not a princess, her name between the pople was ...You know.
But because she was a princess, so she became something like Jesu Christ -female. And there was no one thing of good that she did in her life.
A dream of everybody about a princess...
footiam said…
In this world, people just have to be good looking. Who cares if there are worms inside!

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