Warrior Women

Years ago, when America went to Iraq to wage war, I remember seeing in TV Baghdad's night sky lighted up as if there was a firework for some kind of celebration. War in ancient time couldn't be so colourful, I suppose. In ancient China, swords and spears were used and drums must have had played a great role too. A native of Qi for instance was asked to experiment with a troupe consisting of solely women. Do you know the front from the back and the left from the right? The man had asked and when the women assured him that they did, with a roll of a drum, he had instructed them to turn right. The women however did not move and had burst out laughing! This went on for some time and finally, the man said If the rules are not clear and orders are not understood, the commander is to be blamed. If orders are clear and are not carried out, the officers are to be blamed. Henceforth, he executed two of the leaders who happened to be the king's favourite concubines. The next time he sounded the drums, the women turned left and right, advanced and retreated, knelt and stood up exactly as told. The man who trained the women was Sun Wu, writer of the world famous and oldest military treatise, Art of War.


Liudmila said…
The old russian joke says that women can't be soldiers because they always understand the command "Lay down!"
So, rusians were not right. Women do not understand commands at all.
footiam said…
Women do understand the commands. But laying down is far easier and more fun, I suppose!
sky said…
Namaste'; Hahahahaha Footiam it would be more fun than going out and killing or being killed! I really don't think as much as being a woman myself, and consider myself a warrior of a different sort, that women in *general* make very good soldiers, they simply have been proven to be *different* in their thought processes when it comes to violent stuff. IMHO.

Witness children, girls and boys playing together, though I was every bit a tomboy and kept up with the best of the boys, my sensitivity was that much more heightened than the typical boy. Not good in war zones and for combat, you have to be able to remove yourself enough to do the job required not to mention the *over all strength*.

Sorry if your a muscle bound woman who is a modern day warrior soldier, and it doesn't apply to YOU. I am speaking in *general* terms and it is just my opinion based on witnessing human behavior in both sexes.

It's not about giving , really equality a chance here, it comes down to some things are just a bit better suited for a certain sex.

I don't personally agree with war though, so...

footiam said…
Some women are good warriors, some or not; just like some men are good warriors and some are not too. But we don't really need warriors in wars; we need warriors to live life!

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