In Memoriam: Lydia Sum: Tears Were Flowing Even Before She Went

Lydia Sum or Sum Dim Har or Tsen Dhin Hsia, the popular Hong Kong actress and comedienne passed away on Tuesday, 19 February 2008 at the age of 60, after a protracted battle with liver cancer. I heard the news late in the afternoon which was actually a bit late since news of her death at 8:38 a.m. had already been broadcasted in TV earlier. Her death was however already expected since she was going in and out of hospitals lately. Just late last year, Lydia had collapsed at home and was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong for emergency treatment and I heard people saying that that was because she had eaten about 20 crabs! I wouldn't be surprised that this bubbly actress with an infectious laugh did just that. In the variety shows which she hosted, she had been known to put on bikinis and ballet tutus despite her plump stature. No doubt, this plucky, plump lady had a zeal for life and I would not be surprised too if people say that she had cancer because of having one drink too many! After all, she had been in the entertainment world since 13 and that itself had really put her in a different level with the US comedienne Roseane Barr whom an article in the Internet compared to. Lydia Sum sang, danced and acted in both serious dramas and comedies. Towards the end of her life, when she was in a wheelchair, she had not just looked great but she had still a positive outlook on life. And even before she went away, you could see that tears were already flowing ....


SheR. said…
No way!!!!! She's one of my fav celebrities when I was a kid. :(
footiam said…
Oh, Sher, She seems to be everyone's favourite. You wouldn't believe it but it seems not too long ago she was alive and kicking in Singapore doing 'Living with Lydia' and suddenly, she disappeared, only to appear again in a wheelchair in 2007. Even then, she looked good and was jovial.I am sure going to miss her!

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