Tea was discovered in China. One story has it that Shen Nung, the Father of Chinese Medicine once made a fire below a tree to heat some water. Some leaves fell into the pot and when he tasted it, it was bitter and sweet and he felt refreshed and more awake afterward. Thus was tea discovered! Now, can you tell of another story? And if you fancy a recipe for tea to treat your cold, check Our Impermanent World- My Pics!


Liudmila said…
Dear Footiam, as very expert internet thief, I steel by you this pic and will print it and put in some good place because I love tea.

Did you know, that flavonoids can make bad if tea is taken in excessive quantity? More than 2 great cups a day? It's a new research results published some days ago and I did not write about it else in my blog...
footiam said…
Dear Liudmila, We are both expert thieves of the Internet! Take anything you want from me.
Some tea are really nice. I have been browsing through a book on tea. May post some more on tea but no , I don't know about flavonoids making ta bad. But tea has healing effects too. Everything taking in excessive is bad. Just like food, take a lot of it, and you get fat and diseases too.

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