Chap Goh Meh - The Chinese Valentine

Chap Goh Meh In Penang, Malaysia

Now, some of the people I know always say that Chinese aren't the most romantic people in the world. I chanced upon a blog A Daily Obsession which questioned that. Who says the Chinese are not a romantic people when they actually have the Mid-Autumn Festival set aside to appreciate the moon when it's at its brightest, biggest and roundest? And that reminded me of Chap Goh Meh or Yuan Xiao in Mandarin, which would be coming soon, the fifteen day of Chinese New Year where young people get out to woo each other. In ancient time, damsels are being let out of the confines of the house on this day to throw oranges into the sea as they make a wish to wed good husbands. In Penang, Malaysia, this tradition is turned into a competition where oranges thrown into the sea by girls would be scooped up by boys in boats and the boat with the most oranges would be declared the winner. Now, if you still think Chinese aren't the most romantic people, check this out at Beautiful World!


Liudmila said…
I don't understand!!! ;((( What is this terrible usage to treat the only fruit I eat in this way! The oranges are that we can eat them! Not to throw them! ;(((
footiam said…
I don't understand this too! The orange is supposed to be picked by the man I suppose and then, I also think, there are an abundance of oranges in China! We can't afford to do this in Malaysia! It's just like a festival where people pelt other people with tomato in Europe, very wasteful!
Liudmila said…
I have a post with photos about Oranges battle during the Carnival in Italy. I think, I wrote there that originally these battles were thought by feudals to avoid "revolutions" from the part of paesants that had not too much to do in winter and could kill their feudals if begin to think too much.
footiam said…
I have checked that out. Interesting post!
Anonymous said…
As Footiam said, it is just a tradition practised by the Penang Hokkiens and maybe elsewhere. Duing the bright full moon maidens throw the tangerines into the sea or rivers in the hope to get suitable life partners.Bachelors would, of course, scoop up the tangerines in the hope the owners would taste as sweet as those tangerines.
footiam said…
It's nice isn't it to be out in the open, doing crazy things. It makes life beautiful!
hi! saw you on my site meter, n was pleasantly surprised to see your reference. wow, a blog tt emphasizes on the environment n chinese culture. must tell my girl about this!
footiam said…
Yes, do tell her and do visit
with her

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