Making Cookies For Chinese New Year!

I shouldn't say it's this time of the year again to make cookies. As far as I remember, my niece is always making cookies and some other things but yes, it's this time of the year ! Making cookies, that's it! Chinese New Year is coming and every Chinese household should be busy giving the house a spring cleaning and making cookies to be served to guests during Chinese New Year. The house had been scrubbed and my niece had not only made cookies but she had wrapped them up to be presented to her friends! Chinese New Year is in the air. Some shops I see had turned red, selling lanterns and other paraphernalia for decorating the house and the air is filled with Chinese New Year songs! And I guess I should join in the mood too. Do visit Beautiful World, Travel Pangs, Dhamma Delights, Impermanent World and Stepping Out- A PA Blog for a dose of Chinese New Year song!

Making Cookies For Chinese New Year is a must!


All Jarred up for the Big Day...

And wrapped too for friends!


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