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Pu Song-ling's Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

Mention Liao Chai and people well-versed in Chinese Literature would instantly think of Pu Song-ling (1640-1715) and his Liao-Chai Chi-I (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio) which features 500 odd stories of ghosts as well as spirits in the human world. I remember watching a movie based on one of his stories when I was a kid and the memory of it still send chills down my spine. It was late in the evening and a man, carrying a lantern, was on his way home. On his way, he had passed a graveyard and there was a pretty woman weeping at a grave. The woman was devastated as she had lost her husband and was now all alone in the world. The man pitied her and had thus invited her home. He kept her in a wing of his mansion, keeping her away from the knowledge his wife and the rest of the household and had from them on, visited her daily. He was under her spell, that was for sure, until one day, when he saw her peeling off her skin, and spreading it on the floor so that she could paint on i…


Tea was discovered in China. One story has it that Shen Nung, the Father of Chinese Medicine once made a fire below a tree to heat some water. Some leaves fell into the pot and when he tasted it, it was bitter and sweet and he felt refreshed and more awake afterward. Thus was tea discovered! Now, can you tell of another story? And if you fancy a recipe for tea to treat your cold, check Our Impermanent World- My Pics!

Chinese New Year Spectacular Again!

Chinese New Year Spectacular

Another Chinese New Year Song

Performed by Jimmy Lin and Kenny Bee

A Chinese New Year Song

Making Cookies For Chinese New Year!

I shouldn't say it's this time of the year again to make cookies. As far as I remember, my niece is always making cookies and some other things but yes, it's this time of the year ! Making cookies, that's it! Chinese New Year is coming and every Chinese household should be busy giving the house a spring cleaning and making cookies to be served to guests during Chinese New Year. The house had been scrubbed and my niece had not only made cookies but she had wrapped them up to be presented to her friends! Chinese New Year is in the air. Some shops I see had turned red, selling lanterns and other paraphernalia for decorating the house and the air is filled with Chinese New Year songs! And I guess I should join in the mood too. Do visit Beautiful World, Travel Pangs, Dhamma Delights, Impermanent World and Stepping Out- A PA Blog for a dose of Chinese New Year song!

Making Cookies For Chinese New Year is a must!


All Jarred up for the Big Day...

And wrapped too for fri…

Chap Goh Meh - The Chinese Valentine

Chap Goh Meh In Penang, Malaysia

Now, some of the people I know always say that Chinese aren't the most romantic people in the world. I chanced upon a blog A Daily Obsession which questioned that. Who says the Chinese are not a romantic people when they actually have the Mid-Autumn Festival set aside to appreciate the moon when it's at its brightest, biggest and roundest? And that reminded me of Chap Goh Meh or Yuan Xiao in Mandarin, which would be coming soon, the fifteen day of Chinese New Year where young people get out to woo each other. In ancient time, damsels are being let out of the confines of the house on this day to throw oranges into the sea as they make a wish to wed good husbands. In Penang, Malaysia, this tradition is turned into a competition where oranges thrown into the sea by girls would be scooped up by boys in boats and the boat with the most oranges would be declared the winner. Now, if you still think Chinese aren't the most romantic people, check thi…

Chinese God of Fortune

In Roman mythology, Fortuna is the Goddess of Fortune. In Indian mythology, Lakshmi is the Goddess of Fortune.The Chinese have their own God of Fortune too and this bringer of wealth returns to earth to every home each year on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year to bring more fortune! Chinese New Year is around the corner, falling on seventh, of February this year and as usual, is going to last for fifteen days. Move over, Santa Claus! Here come, Cai Shen!

Move over, Santa...

Here comes, Cai Shen, the Chinese God of Fortune...

Green Post - Decorative Plants For Chinese New Year

Lucky Bamboo for Chinese New Year...

Chinese New Year is just round the corner! I am sure the nurseries are already well stocked with chrysanthemums. I remember buying a pot or two of these flowers for decorating the house or to give away to a dear friend years back. Other popular plants in Malaysia include lucky bamboo and of course, kumquat which my sister-in-law never fail to buy come each Chinese New Year and in San Francisco, America, I understand that orchids, narcissus, azaleas and peonies are in the popular list too. These plants are synonymous with good luck, good fortune, wealth, longevity and other positive thoughts and I really like that idea. I read an article in the paper that plants are a symbol of life and growth and a must for Chinese New Year. This is a new piece of news for me really but I do like the idea. What better way to green the world!

Chinese Almanac - T'ung Shu

A friend called from England last night to announce a good news. She is getting married and her family has picked an auspicious day for the wedding. Well, most probably, the T'ung Su or The Book of Myriad Things has been consulted. The T'ung Shu is one of the oldest books in the world and is said to have originated more than 4000 years ago and has been a best-seller every year for more than a thousand years.Used to be termed superstitious this book plays a significant role in Chinese life. The ordinary Chinese may not understand the book but it is an indispensable diviner and when the need arises, a specialist will be sought and he will after analyzing the T'ung Shu, determines the auspicious date for marriage, travel, opening new premises, choosing or moving into a house etc. T'ung Shu however, is not merely for divination. Originally, it gives details of the lunar calendar and seasons to aid farmers but around this calendar now is a collection of other materials lik…

An Interview With Bruce Lee

Hear Bruce Lee speaks!

More YouTube Clips on Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's Game Of Death

The Big Boss

Mention Lee Jun Fa and most probably many people would give you a puzzle look but Lee Jun Fa is none other than the big boss or Bruce Lee himself! The kung fu star undeniably was the greatestmartial arts icon the world has ever seen.Describing himself to be a martial artist by choice and an actor by profession, this cha cha king and philosophy student who spoke English and Cantonese, and some people say Japanese too, developed his martial art style called Jeet Kune Do and first appeared in movies at the tender age of five in films like The Birth of Mankind (1946) and Fu gui fu yun (1948).In America, he appeared as Kato in the Green Hornet and later became a big hit when he returned to Hong Kong to star in a ground breaking movie The Big Boss. Bruce Lee passed away at the peak of his popularity and after so many years now, his legacy lives on
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