In the Eyes of the Beholder

Oh! Miss China is Miss World! That really reminded me of a male Chinese teacher and a non-Chinese lady teacher. The former was a moody weirdo who taught Mandarin in school but had nothing nice to say about Chinese ladies. The latter was a mixed breed, a woman with very dark complexion who seemed to envy fair skinned people. Both shared similarities in that both thought that Chinese ladies are ugly. While the male said Chinese ladies with their slitted eyes would never be crowned world beauties, the female often threw sarcastic remarks on all Chinese. I would not say though that Zhang Zilin, from Shijiazhuang in Hebei province who managed to beat 105 contestants to become the first Chinese to win the pageant had proven them wrong. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and how could the few judges in the pageant be right? Just ask the magic mirror of Snow White's evil stepmother!


Liudmila said…
Oh, very beautiful girl. Sometimes the "miss" are really insignificant. But young persons are always nice because they are young.

How old are you, footiam? Do you remember the youth of your body? I wanted to remember myself, but in that period I was not interested to observe the age of my skin, I was interested to learn, to travel... And now I don't remember the youth of my body... Sad story.
footiam said…
I do think Zhang Zilin is beautiful. There are many more beautiful Chinese girls elsewhere just like there are many beautiful Indian girls, caucasian girls. God is fair in that He makes some people beautiful and some people ugly, cruel too, especially to the ugly ones! But then, He also makes everyone ages, so, He's not so bad! I am approaching half a century and am very conscious of the wrinkles that are appearing. I still see you are interested to learn, Liudmila. It's very hard to find people who like that. I think it's good because it keeps the mind oiled. Never mind, if you don't remember your young body. Just remember you still have a mind. The cup is not that important. The tea is. But really, I want both the cup and the tea!