Green Post - Global Warming Threatening Islands

What can global warming do in Indonesia? According to Indonesian scientists many of Indonesia's islands may be swallowed up by the sea. Large islands may shrink, forcing coastal communities out of their homes and depriving millions of a livelihood. Already, tides had burst through sea walls, cutting a key road to Jakarta's international airport and doomsters had begun to predict that by 2035, the Indonesian capital's airport will be flooded by sea water and rendered useless; and by 2080, the tide will be lapping at the steps of Jakarta's imposing Dutch-era Presidential palace which sits 10 km inland. Maybe, it's high time we built another ark!


Károly Domonyi said…

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footiam said…
Thanks for the message!
Liudmila said…
I say, we are happy that we will be not alive in that period. So WE don't need the ark. Surely.
footiam said…
This is an instance where we are happy that things are not permanent!

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