A Chinese mixed Breed

Over my PA blog, my plant and animal blog that is, I just posted a YouTube video on some kind of shelter for animals. In this video, there is a liger, something that immediately reminded me of some Chinese in Philippines. It seemed that there used to be a group of Chinese there known as Chinese- Filipino mestizos. These refer to offspring from the union of Chinese males who took Filipino brides and they were a visible group especially in the 1630s when the Spanish rule Philippines. When the Spanish period ended, they disappeared as a separate group and children of mixed marriages were either Filipino or Chinese. This is understandable since during the Spanish period, the mestizos were given opportunities that full-blooded Chinese or the native Filipinos do not have access to. The mestizos who are still around today are economically more successful than the local population and own a large percentage of land or plantation. Their fairer complexion is a coveted attribute among Filipinos. I wonder now which category Cardinal Jaime Sin is in.


Liudmila said…
And I thought he has make-up on the face... Interesting this story. Maybe it's better when the pesons become a mixed blood.

Ah, footiam, I wanted to ask you. When you go in peligrimage, put incence from my part near Buddha. I think I can feel it if you remember it. If it's possible...
footiam said…
Oh dear! I have just returned from India and have just read this message. I would be glad to place an incense for you if I have known! So sorry!

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