Now, Chinatown generally does not refer to the 1974 movie directed by Roman Polanski starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway and John Huston about a private detective investigating an adultery case who stumbles on to a scheme of murder involving many other things. A Chinatown is more about a section of an urban area associated with a large number of Chinese within a city outside the majority-Chinese countries of Greater China. Chinatowns occur all over the world including East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. The largest Chinatown outside Asia is supposed to be in San Francisco. In the past, overcrowded Chinatown s in urban areas were generally shunned by the non-Chinese public as ethnic ghettos but nowadays, many old and new Chinatowns are considered significant centers of commercialism and tourism. In fact, in 2003, to lure the ever-increasing numbers of Chinese tourists and investors, local government in Incheon, just outside Seoul, transformed a dilapidated Chinese toehold into the country's first Chinatown. Officials in half a dozen other cities across the country also announced plans to build their own Chinatowns. This was despite a host of obstacles, most notably of which was a shortage of Chinese residents.
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Liudmila said…
In one of the next to us villages there is a door over that is written "chinatown". I don't know, what it really has to be inside. I'm sure that there are not so many chinese there (if there are- I have never seen one in that village). So sincerely, I'm very curious to know WHAT could it be... But you can add it to your list ;)))
footiam said…
Now, I am curious too. If I were there, I'll visit the place!

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