Chang Cheh

Now, I have always associated the word Godfather with a drug kingpin or something like that. That must be due to the Godfather movies starring Marlon Brando, which I really love and which I am sure, would not get tired of watching again and again. I like those old Shaw Brothers movie from Hong Kong too, including the ones directed by Chang Cheh who incidentally was known as the godfather of kung fu film. Chang Cheh was a Taiwanese who made mainly Hong Kong movies. He wrote his first script The Woman with the False Face which became the first Mandarin-language film to be shot in Taiwan. The theme song, Gao Shan Qing which he wrote for the movie Storm Cloud over Alishan which he also co-directed, became a big hit and it had since became a classic and an evergreen. How's that for a godfather?


Liudmila said…
What do you say! Is mandarin language an alive language? Where is it spoken?
footiam said…
Mandarin is alive! My relatives and friends speak good Mandarin and I speak broken Mandarin.

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