Green Post - Harmful Chemicals In Plastics

I wonder who the genius who invented the tiffin carrier was. Tiffin carriers used to be popular among the Chinese for carrying food. You can put plain white rice on a compartment, meat on another or soup too and carry them together like a bag without worrying that they get mixed. These days however, people prefer to use plastic or polystyrene containers to carry food. These are amazingly convenient. For one thing, they are light and you don’t have to wash them. You just throw them away but remember these though. Plastics especially are non-biodegradable. PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls, the harmful chemicals in them are also released when you dump or burn plastics. These chemicals spread into the environment quickly but break down slowly and have been detected in the remotest lands and have even been found inside polar bears. So, beware the next time you use plastics. Don’t let the harmful chemicals get into you!


Liudmila said…
It's necessary to remember us from time to time this things. You are right. I used more biodegradable materials but in the last period forgot about it and use plastic because more comfortable.
Thank you for your post. It's really useful for me.
footiam said…
You are welcome, Liudmila. I hope this post will play a role in the greening of the world!

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