Chinese in Africa

Chinese in South Africa performing a dragon dance

The first time I heard that there are Chinese in Africa was when I watched a Hong Kong produced television program featuring Chinese from all over the world. I think it must be in an island, east of Africa, Magadascar perhaps, where an elderly Chinese man was featured living with his Negro wife. The man was from Canton, Southern China and he had a daughter who looked every bit a Negro. His daughter could not speak Chinese but managed to utter a line of Cantonese, saying I am a Chinese from Canton for the program and I did find that funny. I believe there are not many Chinese there in Africa. I have seen a Chinese Restaurant in Cairo and had in fact dined in one run by a Shanghainese woman. The fact that there are few Chinese there perhaps explained why Chinese in South Africa has been categorized as mixed, other or together with the Indian population in 1865. When the numbers are small, they get very little attention.


Liudmila said…
It's so interesting what comes from mixed marrieges. I've seen one russian girl married with a black man. They had 3 children. First was as his father, second was black with yellow hears (like mother) the 3 was a girl white as her mother. Incredible.
footiam said…
Many people will find it hard to accept this.
Anonymous said…
please don't use the word negro it is kind of derogatary!
footiam said…
What should be the alternative non-derogatory word?

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