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A Chinese temple in Kuching


Chinese Culture in Indonesia

During the authoritarian regime of president Suharto (1967-98), public displays of Chinese culture were banned. Many Chinese were asked to change their names to Indonesian ones if they wished to be considered for citizenship.
A rose by any other name is an oddity.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Chooearns his name making shoes for famous celebrities like the late Princess Diana, Madonna, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole Ritchie, Natalie Imbruglia and Cherrie Blair. In the movie The Devil Wears Prada, a film about life in a New York fashion magazine, actress Meryl Streep wore Jimmy Choo shoes. In the hit TV series Sex and the City, the character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was addicted to the brand. A devout Buddhist, Jimmy believed in doing good for people and society, and stressed on the importance of karma and spirituality.For more, log in

Lao Zi

Lao Zi lived during the Zhou dynasty (1122 to 221 BC). He was the head of the state library and much of his time was devoted to learning. He was not a seeker of fame but his name lived on because of his book Tao Te Ching and he was widely regarded as the founder of Taoism. It seemed that one day, Lao Zi just left China on an oxen to travel westward. He wrote the thin book, Tao Te Ching, in response to a request from Yinxi,a guardian of the WesternPass.

Stan Shih

Stan Shih is a mild-mannered Taiwanese electrical engineer who created Acer, a globally recognized brand of personal computers. Credited for turning Taiwan into a PC-manufacturing powerhouse, Shih had recognized the potential of microprocessors, the tiny computer chips that enable PC to be sold at its present affordable price.,%202004%20%20Stan%20Shih.htm

Tsui Hark

Tsui Hark

Tsui Hark was a Vietnam-born, American-educated and Hong Kong-based film director who directed international action star Jean-Claude Van Dammne in two films back to back, Double Team (1997) and Knock Off (1998). He has produced blockbusters in every known genre. He moved to Hong Kong at fourteen, and after three years, had moved to Texas to study film. Having learned about China from books, movies and comics,he sees the wonders of Chinese culture and history and feels a great responsibility to save it. He looks at Chineseness and sees a neverending source of ideas and a river of strength that will never run dry. Log in

Chen Chihong

Chen Chihong, the patriarch of a clan with businesses in Thailand and Hong Kong had a 540-room mansion in Longdu, a Teochiu-speaking district in Guangdong province.

Nanyang Chinese

While Nanyang means Southern Ocean in Chinese, Nanyang Chinese really refers to Chinese in MalaysiaSingapore, Phillipines and Indonesia. It does not include Chinese who moved overland to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand.

Canada Chinatowns

In the early 1920s, many Chinese from British Columbia, Vancouver Island and along the Fraser River gravitated to Victoria to make it the first Canadian Chinatown. After the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, some moved to Alberta, the Prairies and further east forming a string of Chinatowns from Victoria through Calgary, Edmonton, Moose Jaw, Regina, Winnipeg to Toronto and Montreal.

Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing

Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Asia, built his global empire out of an ailing British conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa. Born in Chiu Chow, Li was the son of a teacher. He founded a Hong Kong plastic firm and after procuring Hutchison Whampoa had expanded into telecommunications, energy and beyond. Said to have an uncanny eye for opportunities and in knowing what to sell, Li was said to be loved by the small investors partly because he was viewed as the little guy who beat up the big guys at their own game and partly because he made money for the small investors. Businessmen know Li as a person, who keeps his word. He has since turn philanthropist, having pledged to give a sizable portion of his fortune to charitable foundation.

Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Asia, built his global empire out of an ailing British conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa. Born in Chiu Chow, Li was the son of a teacher. He founded a Hong Kong plastic firm and after procuring Hutchison Whampoa had expande…

Rudy Hartono

Rudy Hartono

Rudy Hartono , an Indonesian of Chinese descent whose Chinese name is Nio Hap Liang, excelled in badminton. He was the All England men’s singles champion from 1968 to 1974. He was runner up in 1975, losing to Svend Pri from Denmark but won again for the eighth time in 1976. For a list of All England Men’s Singles champions, log in file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/HP/Desktop/Reading/List_of_All_England_Men's_Singles_champions.htm

Lee Sze Ee

14-year old Lee Sze Ee beat more than three million other youngsters from around the world in a letter-writing competition organized by the United Nations. Youngsters from around the world were asked to put themselves in the position of a wild animal whose habitat is threatened by environmental or climate change. The jury had said Sze Ee's sensitivity and imagination had successfully conveyed the urgency of the situation and sent us a message: we must unite to save our planet.

Ly Cong Uan

Fujian-born Ly Cong Uan migrated to Vietnam and became the first king of the Ly dynasty (1009-1225). His reigning name was Ly Thai To and the Ly dynasty was the longest in the history of Vietnam.

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Hokkien Thanksgiving

A Hokkien Thanksgiving

The ninth day of the Chinese New Year is Thanksgiving Day to the Hokkiens. The Hokkiens come from Fujian, South China.During a rebellion against the Sung Dynasty, troops were sent to attack them. They hid in sugarcane plantations and had emerged safe and sound on the ninth day. To commemorate this day, the Hokkiens had since observed the ninth day as thanksgiving day. Offerings such as pomeloes and prosperity cakes as well as incense and jossticks are made to the Jade Emperor. Sugarcanes, however, are a must among the offerings and two long stalks are tied to the altar which is decorated with a bright red cloth which usually has elaborate and auspicious designs. Offerings are made at the stroke of midnight and after prayers, family would gather to feast on the offerings. Thus, the ninth day is a fun day for the whole family. Young children get to hang out until the wee hours and elders get to enjoy the company of their children and relatives.

It's a wonder tha…

Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors

The terracotta warriors were first discovered by archaeologists in 1974. They are massive life-sized soldiers weighing more than a tonne and more than 8000 of them were found buried in three of the four pits found near the pyramid tomb of Shi Huangdi. In a book “The Terracotta Warriors” by Maurice Cotterell, it is said that the terracotta warriors which supposedly protected Shi Huangdi who was clothed in jade and cast adrift in a lake of mercury within the pyramid, actually bore secret codes of the higher knowledge of the super-science of the sun and the higher orders of spirituality which were Shi Huangdi’s.
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Jerry Yang Chih-Yuan

Jerry Yang Chih-Yuan was born in Taipei but when he moved to America at the age of ten with his widowed mother who was an English teacher, he knew only one word of English. Jerry created a directory of other websites in April 1994 with David Filo called Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web which later became Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle or Yahoo, as many Web users come to know it as, the world’s most-trafficked website. Jerry proves to the world that the Internet could be a useful vehicle for commerce. Check out,%20the%20free%20encyclopedia.htm

US 14,000 Green Tea

A Chinese man was willing to part with 14,000 US dollars for just 200 grams of West Lake Dragonwell Tea (longjing or Lung Ching tea). The Dragonwell tea is produced in West Lake or Xi Hu in Zhejiang Province, China and is the most esteemed of all Chinese green tea. It is only harvested once in spring each year. For more, log in

Julian Chan

Julian Chan is only six but he is Malaysia's youngest composer with a book to his name. The young music prodigy has been playing tunes on his electronic keyboard since the age of three. His book consists of 10 classical pieces which he composed since 2005.

World Smallest Robot

The world's lightest and cheapest robot standing at only 15cm tall, is also the smallest. It is controlled by infrared and is easy to assemble and disassemble. The robot already has 16 degrees of freedom which translates to 65536 motions and the good news is owners can easily download and update the newest robot motions or movements . The robot is created by Chang Ho Yu, general manager of GeStream Technology Inc. Taiwan. Log in

The Hungry Ghost Festival

Celebrating Hungry Ghost Festival in Taiping, Malaysia...

Celebrating Hungry Ghost Festival in Sungai Bakap, Penang...

The Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhōngyuán Jié is a traditional Chinesefestival which falls on the 14th day of the seventh lunar month. The Ghost Festival supposedly has roots in the Buddhist festival Ullambana . On this day, ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower world. Therefore, contrary to Qingming Festivalwhere the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors, on Hungry Ghost Day, the deceased visit the living. The visitors will be offered food and hell money and special prayers will be held.Operas shows and puppet shows are also put together at temples or Chinese Associations for both the living and non-living although nowadays in counries like Malaysia and Singapore, these shows are rapidly replaced by modern variety shows featuring singers in modern costumes singing pop songs. This festival has special meaning for…

Moon Cake Festival

The Mooncake festival otherwise known as the Mid-Autumn Festival (Simplified Chinese: 中秋节; Traditional Chinese: 中秋節; Pinyin: zhōngqiūjié) or the Lantern Festival is a celebration of abundance and togetherness. It dates back over 3,000 years to China's Zhou Dynasty. The festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar during which time the moon is at its fullest and brightest. During this festival, mooncake will be served and children carry colourful lanterns at night.


Chinese born and bred in rich Brunei do not get automatic citizenship. They just get PR.

Chinese al Characters

Some Chinese characters are used in written Japanese and Korean, and were once used to write Vietnamese.

Qing Ming

On Qing Ming day, Chinese flock to cemeteries. They sweep and clean the tombs of their loved ones and offer among other things, food and flowers to the dead and burn incense and paper money. In China, Qing Ming is also important in guiding farm work. After the festival, temperature will rise and rainfall will increase and this signals the start of spring plowing and sowing. Qing Ming is therefore both a festival of commemoration and a guide to farm work.

Andy Lau

Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau Tak Wah was said to have paid a whopping RM1.3mil to learn the 300-year-old ancient art of mask-changing called Bian Lian from skilled masters in China.

Kang Xi's Will

Kang Xi’s Will was one of the four greatest mysteries of the Qing Dynasty. Yongzheng, the fourth prince succeeded Kang Xi after his death but no one really knows for sure if he was the rightful heir. The original Crown Prince, Yinreng, was removed twice because of his unforgivable flaws which included sleeping with one of the emperor’s concubines. When he attempted a coup d'etat , Kang Xi was enraged and decided not to grant the position of Crown Prince to any of his sons immediately. Instead, he put his Imperial Will in a box inside Qianqing Palace and the box was to be opened only after his death. Yongzheng had been accused of faking the will since it was said to be Yinti, the fourteenth Prince who was the apparent favourite.

I wonder what the other three great mysteries are.

Protests against Lee Kuan Yew

When the Australian University in Canberra bestowed an honorary law doctorate on Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding prime minister of Singapore, there were protests. About 150 protesters took up placards, describing him as a dictator and many seats in the auditorium were vacant as some university staff boycotted the ceremony. Many years ago when there was discriminatory immigration policies in Australia, Mr. Lee had said that Australians risked becoming white trash in Asia.

Auspicious sign

An Auspicious sign

An auspicious sign commonly found in traditional Chinese homes. Read Fu, it is a chinese character which means luck and is supposed to usher in good luck. A person may want to think this as superstitious, but from another point of view, it is thought of as a prop to motivate positive thinking.


Chinese in Myammar are called paukphaw which means ‘next of kin’