Chinese Names

Chinese Names

All countries in Eastern Asia followed the Chinese name system. Today, there are over 700 different Chinese family names but only about twenty cover a majority of the Chinese people. Traditionally, a Chinese name is written with the family name (surname or last name) first and the given name next. One of the two characters in the personal name may be shared by all members of a generation and these are generational names which have been worked out long in advance, historically in a poem listing the names. Chinese names have come along way and have evolved in various ways in different countries. Some Chinese people who emigrate to, or do business with, Western countries may adopt a Western name. In Vietnam, ethnic Chinese romanize their names in Vietnamese pronunciation using quoc ngu, making them almost indistinguishable from Vietnamese names and in Taiwan, among the Taiwanese Presbyterian Christians, there is even the family name (chieh, or jie in Pingying) interest as an which actually has a non-Chinese root. The name was adopted to honor the Canadian missionary George Leslie Mackay. You can get yourself a Chinese name by logging in and for more of Chinese names, log in,%20the%20free%20encyclopedia.htm


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