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In Kuala Lumpur, not too long ago, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting urged young Malaysian Chinese to explore their origin and culture and learn the values of traditional practices. He said that nowadays, many young people do not understand the meaning of traditional practices and the culture of their own ethnic groups.

If there were many such young people, many parties ought to be blamed, chief among them, parents. Some parents, in the pretext of working, practically hand over their children to schools, expecting teachers to bear responsibilities which are rightfully and ideally the parents’. Often, teachers are too tied up by curriculum specifications to be bothered by anything else but churning out straights As students who would hog the academic limelight. Who would expect teachers to teach children cultures or traditions, especially those of their ethnic groups when these obviously do not harbour any commercial values. If an ethnic group does not bother to educate the younger generation on its own culture and ways, I doubt if the younger generation themselves or other people would or could.

The younger generation can always learn about their culture and traditions from various sources. Besides their parents, who should be the main source, they can learn from friends and teachers and if they are into reading, they could do so through books, magazines and of course, the internet.

This blog is thus created for everyone, Chinese or non-Chinese alike, to pick up tidbits on things Chinese and for people to share and exchange stories and brick bats on being Chinese if they happen to be born as one in Mainland China or overseas. For non-Chinese, depending on their luck, some probably would have a brush with some nice or nasty Chinese somewhere in this world at one time or another since, east or west, if you prefer to divide the world thus, the latter seem to be here there and everywhere in this fast evolving world.

To kick off, here’s a pic on how the Chinese live with other non-Chinese in multi-racial Malaysia:

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting (centre) tossing yee sang with among others, the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry deputy secretary-general Mohammed Mohd Daud, the Museum Malaysia Department director-general Datuk Dr Adi Taha and The Legend Hotel manager Vincent Pillai.


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